The Journey

Mind Over Science is a documentary based on Hratch Ogali, a man who spent 15 years researching how we work as human beings, analysing how our emotions control our psyche, how our minds are our masters and our guides. He applied logic to help us gain an understanding of ourselves, developing a teaching that not only changed his life but the lives of many.

In 2001 he began teaching others, with miraculous results, this is when I met him. At the time, I was unable to walk and on the brink of suicide, about to quit on the world. On the morning of my final resolution to check out, I saw a TV interview with Hratch. I called the programme in sheer desperation asking for this man’s number. Today I am walking and living a life that was beyond my wildest imagination.


By studying his teaching for 16 years, first as a patient and then as a filmmaker and now as a teacher myself. In 2003 I asked him if I could make a documentary about his teachings as it was the medium of television that had saved my life. I wanted to help others, and felt this was the easiest way to reach a mass audience – he agreed and so we started on the journey. It was to be an inspirational journey of him helping the sick and the dying, giving those with no hope the gift of hope again. He made the impossible possible.

Then began the real journey. Four thousand letters over 10 years to the medical profession, inviting them to visit his clinic to see his work. Not one reply. Then in 2010 when we were drawing near to the end of filming, I realised I couldn’t complete this programme and help the people I wanted to help without a medical opinion. My first stop was the top Spinal Cord Injury hospital in the UK, Stoke Mandeville. I begged Senior Consultant Dr. Allison Graham to give me half an hour of her time, and if I couldn’t convince her I would leave and she wouldn’t hear from me again. My wish was granted. I met with Dr. Graham and convinced her to visit Hratch at his clinic to see his work.

On 20th May 2010, Dr Graham visited Hratch’s clinic. Unbeknown to Dr. Graham I had arranged for one of her ex-patients to be there. This person had been told by her hospital that he would never walk again. As she walked into the clinic, he proceeded to walk towards her on a frame. Dr Graham agreed to appear in my documentary, where she states “Hratch is challenging the system; why is he getting results that we cannot? Maybe that thing that we have been doing for years that we thought was science, isn’t really science at all.”

She invited Hratch to Stoke Mandeville to discuss his teachings further, with the possiblity of incorporating them with conventional medicine. At the same time I had managed to obtain a distribution deal in the United States for the documentary. We were on our way to taking this teaching to the masses.

That very same week, on 26th July 2010, Hratch Ogali passed away suddenly. Everything stopped.

Where did I go now?

It took a couple of months to digest what had just happened but I couldn’t let this teaching die, it had saved my life and I had made a promise to Hratch. So I decided to continue the teaching myself. I had been the patient, I knew the journey and I had to continue for all those people out there suffering – if it helped one person sitting out there like I was, lost with with no hope then that’s all that matters, and so I continued the journey. I asked Hratch’s son Seto Ogali, a Clinical Hypnotherapist, if he would work with me to help others. He agreed.

And so a new journey began. A new teaching of the mind and the emotions based on Hratch’s foundation. Our aim was to help everyone, not just the sick and dying. I felt that this teaching should be used as a prevention to illness rather than just a cure – and so came the birth of Mind Flight.

I secured an investor on the condition that we tested our new teaching through seminars, to prove to him it could work and we could do it. We began from humble beginnings: one person five years ago, to coaching 35 people over six months which appears in the documentary, ranging from youth workers, lawyers, youths, accountants, doctors and film producers. We have helped numerous people pass over peacefully in their moment of death to holding regular seminars in London and LA.

Where are we now?

In 2015, we released our first book Mind Flight which is an introduction to the Mind Flight teaching told through story.

Now we are holding Mind Flight retreats in North Wales, together with providing one-to-one sessions and group seminars.

2016 will see the publication of a series of children’s books based on the Mind Flight teaching.
Our aim is to take this teaching to the masses…

Why? Because it works.

It changes people’s lives.