Hratch Ogali
 “None of this would work without the Mind Work” – Hratch Ogali.
One man. One moment. Many lives are changed forever. By what you ask? Simply by the power of the mind and understanding our own emotions.
Hratch Ogali was a man on a journey of self-discovery into his mind to obtain the knowledge and wisdom to heal many, not by magic but simply by the power of the mind, not his mind. Their minds. In his immortal words. “It is not me it is them themselves who are the healers” I just show the way.
Hratch Ogali spent 21 years understanding how we function as human beings, how we can utilise our natural wisdom and power to heal ourselves, he created a teaching that is simple and logical, if we want to understand and we want to change our lives for the better then we can by using the true power of our minds and emotions.